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Holy Cow 2023 Just over half way through already. 




As of the writing today we are 105K visitors,  appreciate your visit here today. 


Armed Elite Services

Thank you to everyone who signed up. We would like to get them to mover Gun Shows if there is interest. We are still Partnering with Armed Elite Services. They are in  patroling and any performing other Guard Duties you require.

Call the owner Directly at (310 425 6376). Let him know who sent you.


Gun Shows 2023  (Not Likely)

Gun Shows 2022 (Super Big cup of double Nope)

Gun Shows 2021 (Big cup of Nope)

Gun Shows 2020 (ah yea, about that year)

We were not able to attend to any shows Last year.


Changes in the Law

With the new law changes we are not sure where our product fits in  the market. With out the infux of money we are not able to move forward with any plans to turn Mag-Rel into a locking system. That would of allowed us to sell out of our stock. The price of doing business. If you think we had it bad look up a Casino Project Called Revel.


Show Consignment.

If you have a booth and would like to resale MagRel please contact us.


Thank you for visiting us!

We get all warm and fuzzy. Still do!



Please email or or call us for store pricing and quantity. Thank you for all the loyal customers and stores supporting us. We really appreciate it. Keeps the website running.



Let us know if you think we can improve our website.


Thank you,


Tactical Evolutions Incorporated.

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  • Armed Elite Services
  • Weaponless Defense
  • Women's Self Defense
  • Lectures and Speaking
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • IT Consulting
  • Invention Planning


  • Mag-Rel
  • Flashligthts - Sold Out
  • Drop leg - Sold Out

Trainers Wanted

  • NRA Certified trainers. Please send resume to email.


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