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Welcome 2019!




We broke 30K visitors, before the end of the year. That was really cool.


We are currently looking for retailers and outlets to provide Mag-Rel. With the team focusing on family and moving out of the state it has been difficult to arrange shows. If you have any suggestion please contact us.


Armeed Elite Services

We are currently Partnering with Armed Elite Services. We are in transition to get them training, patroling and any other Guard Duties you require.



Current Shows 2019

Please stop and check out the booth and show your friends to see what Mag-Rel is all about.


Here is the list we are aiming to attend.

TULARE April  27th. (Not Confirmed)

COSTA MESA June 1st and August 17th (Not Confirmed)

ONTARIO 3rd (Not Confirmed)

SAN BERNARDINO Sept 14th (Not Confirmed)


Consignment and Retailers

If you have a both and would like to resale MagRel please contact us.



Thank you for visiting us in 2019!

 Let us know how the product is working for you! Maybe a video on youtube or on our testimonials page.

We are excited to be attending and should be a blast.

Stores and Resalers

Please email or or call us for store pricing and quantity.



Let us know if you think we can improve our website.


Thank you,


Tactical Evolutions Incorporated.

Contact Us!!!

Tactical Evolutions Inc

Phone:  626.869.7867

E-mail: Contact@



  • Armed Elite Services
  • Weaponless Defense
  • Women's Self Defense
  • Lectures and Speaking
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Brass Reprocessing
  • Invention Production


  • Mag-Rel
  • Brass for reloading

Trainers Wanted

  • NRA Certified trainers. Please send resume to email.


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