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  • Carpenter (Wednesday, March 22 17 12:49 am EDT)

    Vital piece of gear.
    June 30, 2016
    I was looking for something to use as an A/S rig once I was issued my dept. AR and stumbled upon this. This seemed to be the perfect fit as I was issued an excellent IFAK in a Voodoo Tactical molle pouch, but no where to mount it. I already run a second mag in a Blackhawk stock mag pouch, but wanted two more mags with me. This rig holds 4 in total. Any other alternative was to cumbersome or bulky considering the amount of equipment I already had on my belt. I wanted something that could quickly be deployed with my carbine, but did not hinder my daily duties as a Pattol Officer. I love the capacity on the A\S should bags, but they were just too big. I like the idea of having the two most important things in an A/S scenario: ammo and first aid. This rig does what it was intended, makes the officer not leave his IFAK in the cruiser when a long gun is deployed. The concept of hooking this to your belt when needed is perfect for the limited space on my duty belt. I only carry 2 mags currently and doubt I'll go to the intended 4 (but I like the option to). It is a bit bulky, but there's no real way to get around that for what you're carrying unless a molle vest is an option for you. With the amount of bulk positioned on your leg, it does move a good amount when running as I've noticed in shooting drills. One thing I don't like compared to my issued IFAK pouch: the elastic on the inside is too big for anything I carry. It doesn't hold my TQ or Israeli Bandage too well (but can easily be fixed with a needle and thread). Another positive is the molle positioned on the either side. Perfect for a pistol mag pouch and a pair of tri-fold ASP restraints. I'm sure I've left out some, but I love this rig and m glad I have it.
    Great Concept Belt Hook Deployment (favorite part) Extra Molle Loops Lots of Room Out of way when not needed
    A Bit Bulky Moves around when running Medical elastic loops are too big

  • hads (Wednesday, March 22 17 12:48 am EDT)

    Great product, but...
    January 23, 2017
    I've been wearing this daily for about a month... Yes, I get it, it's an active shooter response bag! But as an SRO and only carrying one TQ on my duty belt, I don't wanna get caught needing it and NOT having it available! I'm only carrying two Mags to reduce weight as well as a decently stocked FAK with two additional tourniquets. Getting in & out of the car and constantly adjusting not to interfere with LIFE IN UNIFORM is a pain, but honestly it's gotten weird when in don't wear it... I would recommend this product but stay with it in order to feel comfortable & confident in deploying it.

  • J. B-Hansen (Wednesday, March 22 17 12:47 am EDT)

    Drop Leg Works great !! Get this product.
    March 13, 2017
    I bought this along with the Tuff Quick Hooks set with additional hangers. I was looking to be able to quickly switch equipment during different roles in the field. I have 2 of the belt clips, one on the left (9 o'clock position behind my magazine pouch) and one on the right (2 o'clock position in front of my holster). I put the extra quick hooks on an S.O. Tech Taser drop leg, another on my gas mask thigh carrier, and one already came attached to this T.A.S.K. Active Shooter / Med Kit leg rig. I figure if I am responding into an active shooter situation, I will quickly detach the taser leg rig, attach the Active Shooter / Med Kit leg rig to be equipped with extra M4 mags and IFAk ready to go. I can also quickly attach my gas mask carrier (on the right clip) when going into a civil unrest deployment. Exactly what I was looking for, great product.
    Makes your set up super modular to what your needs are.
    None found, nice product.

  • William (Sunday, March 12 17 12:13 am EST)

    What Sorcery is this! I wish I had thought of it.

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