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 There is more news hitting us everyday ont he status of the registration and the future of Mag-Rel. We are in the process of developing a safety mechanism where you are not able to release the magazine from the pushing side, you will only be able to release it with our product. Anyone who doesn't know about or how the system works will not be able to reload your system without doing some research.






Seeking Certified NRA Trainers to cover class overflow. Please send an email to Contact@tacticalevolutionsinc.com. Provide your resume in PDF format and tell us a little about your quaifications and salary requirements.


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  • Brian (Monday, May 08 17 11:11 am EDT)

    Great Ontario Show. Looks like we are picking up steam as we move into the year. Hopefully the registration system will be functional and we will see even more. Thank you for your support.

  • Brian (Sunday, March 12 17 09:46 am EDT)

    At the Ontario Gunshow there was a very interesting event where a client tried the tool and came back a few times. Finally bought it and then brought 3 other people to come see the product.

    Pretty awesome.

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  • Armed Elite Services
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  • Mag-Rel
  • Tactical Flashlight
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Trainers Wanted

  • NRA Certified trainers. Please send resume to email.


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